1.1 Profile Summary

Trinity Energy is a South Sudanese Oil Marketing company (OMC) specializing in distribution of petroleum products and carbon energy. The firm is a leading importer of petroleum products and supplies retailers across the nation and government institutions, such as Nile Petroleum Corporation (Nilepet), and International Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), telecommunication operators, and etc. Trinity Energy grew from a small company with fiscal year 2013 sales of $200 million to regional company.

Over the last four years, Trinity Energy has grown at a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 40%. Trinity Energy headquartered in Juba, South Sudan and was awarded “the Best Petroleum Company of the year 2015” by South Sudan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The company is the industry leader with 30% market share in provision of petroleum products such as; Automatic Gas Oil, Prime Motor Service and Jet – A1 and export Crude oil.

Setting up of Petroleum Storage Facility It is estimated that the monthly requirement of Petroleum products in South Sudan stands at approximately 40 Million liters a month. In spite of the huge volumes that are being transacted within the country, the market suffers from adequate storage facilities. In order to plug this vacuum, TEL made a strategic decision to set – up South Sudan’s largest Petroleum Storage Depot with capacity of 6 Million liters in Nesitu out-skirts of Juba.

Petroleum Ulage Facility


Recognizing the important role played by TEL in the energy Sector of South Sudan, the Ministry of Petroleum & Mining has recommended to the Government of the Republic of Kenya to allocate adequate ullage facility to the Company.


1.2 Vision

To become a leading marketer of downstream petroleum products in East and Central Africa, and being a key partner in exporting Crude oil to outside regions for its business success.

1.3 Mission

To become a reliable and competent supplier of downstream petroleum products and developer of vital oil infrastructure assets in the Republic of South Sudan.

1.4 Our Motto

“Energy for Life” is our value statement as the leading crude oil producing company in East Africa.

1.5 Awards

Trinity Energy received two times awards from South Sudan Chamber of Commerce as the best oil and gas industry in the country.

Trinity Energy built a South Sudan’s larger petroleum storage depot in Juba in which government recognized by issuing award certificate.

1.6 Our business model

Delivering value over volume! We are pursuing our strategy by setting clear priorities, actively managing a quality portfolio and employing our distinctive capabilities.


1.6.1 Leadership team

View profiles of Trinity Energy board members led by Akol E. Ayii, chairman, and the executive team headed by Ann Ruteere, group chief executive supervisors.


1.6.2 Board and executive team

Our people are talented in a wide range of disciplines and our approach to professional development programmes and training helps build individual capabilities. We have a bias towards building capability within the organization, complimented by selective external recruitment where necessary.


1.6.3 Working at Trinity Energy

Our values of safety, respect, excellence, courage and one team align explicitly with Trinity Energy’s code of conduct and translate into the responsible actions necessary for the work we do every day. Our values represent the qualities and actions we wish to see in Trinity energy, they guide the way we do business and the decisions we make.

1.6.4 Our brands


Each of our brands has its own heritage and personality, but they all have one thing in common-they all symbolize, embody or provide tremendous energy.


1.6.5 Our strategy

  • We aim to create value for our investors and benefits for the communities and societies where we operate
  • We are pursuing our strategy by setting clear priorities, actively managing a quality portfolio and employing our distinctive capabilities.
  • We prioritize value over volume by actively managing a high-value upstream and downstream portfolio.
  • We aim to create share-holder value by growing sustainable free cash flow and distributions over the long term.
  • Clear priorities
  • First, we aim to run safe, reliable and compliant operations – leading to better operational efficiency and safety performance.
  • We target competitive project execution to deliver projects as efficiently as possible. Making disciplined financial choices focused on capital and cost discipline allows us to maximize free cash flow and increase the resilience of our portfolio to changing price environments.


1.6.6 Clear priorities

Our ability to deliver against our priorities and build the right portfolio depends on our distinctive capabilities. We apply advanced technology across value chain, from finding resources to developing energy-efficient and high-performance products for customers. We work to develop and maintain strong relationships – with governments, partners, civil society and others – to enhance our operations in more four countries in East Africa. And the proven expertise of our employees comes to the fore in a wide range of disciplines.


1.6.7 Quality portfolio

We undertake active portfolio management to concentrate on areas where we can play to our strengths. We focus on high-value downstream businesses. We also plan to leverage on upstream and upgraded assets, customer relationships, brand and technology to continue to grow free cash flow. Our portfolio of projects and operations is focused where we believe we can generate the most value, using our commercial agility.


Our core business as an oil marketing company is marketing and selling of motor fuels such as; Automatic Gas Oil, Prime Motor Service and Jet – A1 and Crude oil. In this regard therefore, fuels business is the most elaborated of all our other operations. The fuels business segment is broadly divided into Retail, Commercial and Aviation business lines.


2.1 Commercial

The Commercial Business line is in charge of supplying medium to large scale fuel clients with both motor fuels and crude oil. We have cultivated large commercial customer base over the years and are by far the most preferred commercial supplier of fuels in the Republic of South Sudan.

In addition to the Motor Fuels we sell within the Retail segment, we supply:

·         Fuel Oil

·         Lubricants

·         Industrial Diesel Oil and other industrial fuels.

Trinity Energy Ltd supplies a cross sections of key commercial and industrial establishments including Power Generating Companies, Manufacturing Firms, Road Construction Companies, Transport Companies, Major Hospitality industries among host of other companies in South Sudan.
Our quality product has seen us retain significant market share in this segment and is testament to our focus on value for money and timely delivery of on-specific products.


2.2 Retail

The Retail business line which is the most visible of the 3 business lines deals with the marketing and sale of:

·         Motor fuels i.e. AGO, PMS & Jet – A1

·         Lubricants and

·         LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) through our network of over 3 Service Stations.

The Retail business line is concerned with ensuring that our customers gain value for their money by providing quality products and services in our retail stations across the country while maintaining the highest standards in customer experience.

Other services provided include Servicing / Pit Stop checks and Car Wash facilities at select Service Stations.



2.3 Aviation

We are a leading supplier of aviation fuel (Jet-A1) in South Sudan. We supply most of the major commercial and passenger airlines that fly into East Africa and beyond.

We are the Jet Fuel supplier of choice for many major airlines because of our great safety record, competitive pricing as well as efficiency in service delivery. In addition, we have distinguished ourselves through our exemplary service and won the loyalty of many international airlines.


​Trinity Energy Limited is a Private Company, listed on the Energy and Petroleum segment at the National Ministry of Petroleum and as such, our every business decision undertaking is aimed at creating value for our Shareholders. On the Chamber of Commerce, our Shares trade on the enviable 20 Share Index which is an elite list of most traded stocks on the exchange.

3.1 Investor interests

Trinity Energy is the stock of choice for many investors on the Chamber of Commerce mainly because of the Company’s strong management policies and leadership which has seen the Company growth from a little known firm to a multinational oil marketing company. The TEL’s Balance Sheet continues to expand. Trinity Energy stock was also the best-performing stock on the Chamber of Commerce in 2015.

3.2 Investment expansion

Trinity Energy Limited is a Company on the rise and the strategy of expansion into new markets in which the Company adopted in 2013, has seen the Company established largest Petroleum Depot in Juba and opened up operational offices in Kenya, Uganda and Dubai

3.3 Investment strategy

Apart from venturing into new markets, the Company has been aggressively strengthening its existing business through acquisition of new assets such as; purchase of 3 Petrol stations in Juba and branded them as well as innovation of new products. Trinity Energy strong business model is coupled with visionary leadership provided by the Company’s professionally constituted Board of Directors and Management team have seen the Company post impressive results over the years.



4.1 Corporate Social Responsibilities

We contribute to the wellbeing of people by introducing sustainable measures and providing assistance to institutions and welfare organisations. Our activities are spread across South Sudan and reach well beyond our business locations, impacting the lives of local communities. Our initiatives have reached millions over the years and nearly 50,000 people benefit from our continuing programmes every year.

4.2 Sustainable Development

We have always considered sustainable development the cornerstone of our business strategy. We seek to achieve sustainable and profitable growth, creating thriving eco-systems around all our businesses. Our strategy includes fostering close and continuous interaction with the people and communities around our manufacturing divisions, bringing qualitative changes in their lives and supporting the underprivileged.

4.3 Trinity Energy Foundation

Trinity Energy has always made sustainable development the cornerstone of its business strategy to achieve sustainable and profitable growth, creating in its wake thriving eco-systems around all its businesses. To provide impetus to various philanthropic initiatives of TEL was set up in 2012 as an expression of its vision towards sustainable growth in South Sudan market.

South Sudan is a nation of a million dreams, aspirations and above all great opportunities. To turn these dreams into reality, especially for the vulnerable sections of the society, Trinity Energy has taken the path of inclusive development to address their basic needs. TEL has cumulatively touched the lives of 50 thousand people in over 500 villages and various urban locations.

4.4 Managing local environmental impacts

Our goal of achieving no damage to the environment guides our actions. We consider local conditions when determining which issues would benefit from the greatest focus