We are a leading supplier of aviation fuel (Jet-A1) in South Sudan. We supply most of the major commercial and passenger airlines that fly into East Africa and beyond. We are the Jet [read more]


The Retail business line which is the most visible of the 3 business lines deals with the marketing and sale of: Motor fuels i.e. AGO, PMS & Jet – A1 Lubricants and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) [read more]


    The Commercial Business line is in charge of supplying medium to large scale fuel clients with both motor fuels and crude oil. We have cultivated large commercial customer base over the years and [read more]


Trinity Holdings is mandated to carry out Mining, Agricultural Development, Timber Harvesting and building        and construction of Infrastructure, Super structure, Industrial, Residential and Engineering Works on both Local and International Contracts. This means Trinity Holdings is an umbrella where other sister companies grow under it.


    RAK Media Printing and Advertising Co. Ltd. is one of the leading branding and corporate identity company. We are focused on strategic advertising development, printing, promotional items, branding, supply of general stationery, installation [read more]


          Amoco Construction Group is mandated to carry out building and construction of Infrastructure, Super structure, Industrial, Residential and Engineering Works on both Local and International Contracts. This is to say [read more]